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Teaching Kids the 10 Commandments

Why teaching kids the 10 Commandments is important

Is it really important that children memorize the 10 Commandments?  After all they will have smart phones and can look it up if they need to know.

Here is what God says.Teaching Kids the 10 Commandments Always remember these commands that I give you today. Be sure to teach them to your children. Talk about these commands when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road. Talk about them when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them on your hands and wear them on your foreheads to help you remember my teachings. Write them on the doorposts of your houses and on your gates.  - Deuteronomy 6:6-9. Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

God commanded us to teach our children the 10 Commandments saying “Be sure to teach them to your children”, yet it seems in America we have forgotten to pass these laws onto our kids.  Multiple surveys have shown that teens who attend church on a regular basis don’t know the 10 Commandments.

I hope your church is different but it won’t take a moment to quiz church members and find out. You can’t get a drivers license if you don’t know the basic traffic laws.  Society values  traffic laws because without them there would be chaos.   The same is true with knowing the basic laws that God has set for our lives.

Do you know God’s 10 Commandments?  

  1. Love God more than anything else
  2. Do not make anything in your life more important than God
  3. Always say God’s name with love and respect
  4. Honor the Lord by keeping the seventh day holy
  5. Honor your father and mother
  6. Do not murder
  7. do not commit adultery
  8. Do not steal
  9. Do not lie
  10. Do not crave things that belong to someone else.

So how well do people on the street know the 10 Commandments?

Shouldn’t we expect our children and adults to know the 10 Commandments?  They used to be taught in schools and churches. Today it is illegal to teach them in schools and most churches and even Christian families don’t insist that kids learn them. The result?  Kids don’t know right from wrong and we have spiritual chaos.

Let’s start by bringing back the basics.  Every kid who grows up in the church should be required to memorize the 10 Commandments. There are only 10 and they are not that long.  You have to know a lot more than that to be able to drive.  Maybe we should make it a requirement for church membership?

There are so many resources to help learn the 10 Commandments. Memory Cross makes some which I’ve listed below along with a number of other resources. God thought these rules were important enough that he personally delivered them to Moses and he wrote them in stone. If you teach children Sunday School or have kids of your own God commands us to teach the 10 Commandments to our children.

Here is a fun story and song that helps children learn the 10 Commandments.

Here are a few other free resources:

  • Daniel’s Place offers a lot of great craft ideas including ones that teach children the Ten Commandments.
  • Christian Preschool Printables has a number of ideas for younger children.
  • Ministry to Children also has a number of ideas to teach children the 10 Commandments including a mini book



Scriptures of the Roman Cross

Scriptures of the Roman CrossWhat are Scriptures of the Roman Cross?

For thousands of years Christians have used the Scriptures from Romans to lead people to Jesus and the cross.   At Memory Cross we have taken these Scriptures and using our origami design created Gospel tracts that attract attention while presenting the Gospel from the book of Romans.  For children we created the Roman Road Pathway to Life which is a tract that  children can decorate by coloring or painting.

For adults we have created the Roman Road Scripture pack and a tract titled “What does the Cross really mean?”  Both of these help adults understand God’s plan of Salvation using verses from the book of Romans.  If you have not seen how our cards work I’ve put a video below and if you are reading by RSS here is the link to the video.

The Roman Road Tract for kids has been taken all over the world on mission trips as well as used for Sunday School and Children’s Church.  They are available in English and Spanish in packs of 6, 12 and 100.

Presenting the Gospel in a creative way that captures children’s attention can be difficult which is why we decided to create a tract for children based on Romans.  Other tracts for children are available including: tracts for Easter, Christmas, and Halloween as well as a variety of general tracts for kids.  Each tract uses Memory Cross unique four panel design that fascinates children as well as adults.

If you would like to receive a free sample simply give us your name and address in the side bar.  If you live in the United States we will send samples of our tracts out free including the shipping.  If you live outside the United States we ask that you pay for shipping.   Tracts being sent outside the United States can be ordered by using this link.  If you are looking for a Gospel tract for children that uses the Scriptures from Romans to lead children to the cross then order a free sample today.




Fruits of the Spirit

Origami card teaches children the Fruits of the Spirit

Have been looking for an inexpensive and creative way to teach children the Fruits of the Spirit?  Memory Cross has created a four panel card thatFruits of the Spirit makes it easy for children to remember the Fruits of the Spirit.  Based on Galatians 5: 22-23 it lists the characteristics that someone who has the Holy Spirit will have in their life.  By breaking the words down into four panels children will quickly learn these verses.

The video below shows how the card folds.  If you are reading by RSS here is the link: Fruit of the Spirit

If you are teaching children about the Fruits of the Spirit I thought the following information would be helpful.

Love:  1 Corinthians 13 says that Love is patient and kind.  Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and is not proud.  Love is not rude, it is not selfish, and it cannot be made angry easily.  Love does not remember wrongs done against it.  Love is never happy when others do wrong, but is always happy with the truth.  Love never gives up on people.  It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits.

Joy:  The dictionary defines it as great and happiness.  The Bible bases joy on our relationship with God.  It is like happiness that does not change with our circumstances.  Joy can exist in our lives even in the midst of overwhelming problems and pressures.  Joy is from God, not from circumstances.

Peace:  Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.  God’s peace comes from the inside.  It is not based on our circumstances.  It allows us to know that everything is going to be okay no matter what we are currently facing.

Patience:  Definition of patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  Patience reveals our faith in God’s timing, omnipotence, and love.  It won’t happen overnight but God will work in our lives helping us to develop patience.

Kindness:  Is the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern for others.  Kindness comes from our heart because of what God has done for us.

Goodness:  Discipleship tools defines goodness as the engagement of love! It displays integrity, honesty and compassion to others and allows us to do the right thing.

Faithfulness:  Discipleship tools is the “gluing” fruit that will preserve our faith and the other characters of the Spirit and identify God’s will so we can be dependable and trusting to God and others.

Gentleness:  Sermon Central had the best definition.  The Greek definition of gentleness was “power under control,” & they illustrated it with the picture of a horse that had been tamed. Gentleness to them was a powerful animal with its power completely under control.

Water that’s under control would be water rushing through a dam turning turbines, generating electricity to light a city. Water out of control would be a flood destroying everything in its path.

A disease out of control can devastate the body & kill its victim. But a disease under control can produce vaccines & save thousands of lives.  So when you think about gentleness, think about power under control, anger under control, our emotions under God’s control.

Self-Control:  Wikipedea defines it as the ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires.

In Jeremiah 29:11 God says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you ad not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Part of those plans include the gifts of the Spirit.  If we can help our children develop these gifts through a relationship with Jesus what a remarkable life they will have.

Here is a fun video on the Fruits on the Spirit.  You can download it to your computer by clicking this link.

Comments?  Let us know below.



How to get kids to read the Bible

A Sunday School Lesson on Reading the Bible

I teach the 5th graders at Covenant Church Untied Methodist and  am always talking to the kids about reading their Bible.  As an adult whose life has been changed by Jesus I know the importance of spending time with God.  Every week I encourage them to take time to read their Bibles and learn a Scripture verse.  Some do but I am always looking for ways to encourage more to spend time with God.   YouVersion, which is a Bible app for the Apple and Android operating system is one of the best tools to get children interested in reading the Bible.How to get kids to read the Bible

I put together a Sunday School lesson using one of their devotionals and have asked the kids to bring their cell phones and iPods to Sunday School. We have wifi at our church and I’m going to ask the kids to download the app and sign up for this devotional.  The devotional is Making Wise decisions by and it is targeted to 5th and 6th graders.

It includes a video series about Nicole and her friend Kaylin.   I hope you enjoy this lesson and I hope you encourage your kids to download the app and read this devotional.  We won’t get through this entire lesson, which will be a good thing.  The videos are tied together, like a soap opera and leave you wanting know what happens next so when we stop the kids are going to want to  know what happens to Nicole and hopefully want to know how the Bible can help them make good decisions.

Day 1:

Every single day we’re faced with decisions that affect others and ourselves.  What feels like the easy decision is not always the wisest.  God’s wisdom leads us to live the best possible life.  He promised to give us wisdom when we look for it.  The verse is Proverbs 2: 1-15 and here is the video.  If you are reading this via RSS, here is the link and if you want to download it to your computer to show offline click this link.

We’ll talk about making wise decisions and then read the Scripture.

Day 2

Every decision you make will effect you, either for good or bad.  If you make the best choice in a situation, thing will be better for you.  If you make a bad choice, often things will be harder for you in the long run.

Everyone makes bad decisions at times, but when we do, it’s important that we don’t run away and hide ourselves from God like Adam and Eve did in the garden.  We must stay connected with Him so He can help us through our bad decisions.  In this video Nicole continues to make unwise choices.  She lies and hides from her mother, causing separation in their relationship.  The Bible verse is Genesis 3:1-13

Link to video.  Download video.

Day 3

Scripture references are Proverbs 13:1-6 and Proverbs 22:24-25.  The choices we make don’t just affect us, they can also affect others in either a good or bad way.  When we make bad decisions, we sometimes hurt others and damage our relationship with them.  to avoid hurting others with our bad decisions, we must look to God to know how to make wise choices.

In this video Nicole’s bad decisions leads her to hurt her brother, damaging their relationship.  The link to the video and to download the video.

Day 4

Unless you are using this series for a weekend retreat you won’t be able to cover all the material in one hour.  That is why I’m asking the kids to bring in their smartphones, iPods and tablets.  We have internet at church so I’m going to give them time to download the app and subscribe to Making Wise Choices devotional.

Day 4 Scriptures are: 1 Samuel 23:14-18 and John 15:11-15.  The friends we surround ourselves with determine who we become.  They either support us in making wise decisions or lead us down a path of bad choices.  Choose to surround yourself with friends who make wise choices.  The decisions we make define the person we become so in our day to day moments we must constantly look to God.  He gives us His wisdom for a purpose – so that we may live the life He intended for us.  We must pray and remain connected with Him so that when it comes time to decide, we choose the right path and in choosing the right path, we choose to be defined by God’s wisdom.

The link to the video:  Day 4 Nichole and Friends.    To download the video.

Getting kids to read the Bible can be a life changing experience.  YouVersion has hundreds of videos and resources to bring children into a relationship with Jesus.  I hope taking their devotional and making it into a Sunday School lesson will inspire your kids to start reading the Bible.  I’ve been asking my Sunday School class every week if they read their Bible.  Most say no, so I’ve been thinking about how to get kids to read the Bible and when I came across this devotional it seemed like a excellent way to tie Sunday School and reading the Bible together.

If you have any comments let me know.


How to Easily Learn the 10 Commandments

How to Easily Learn the 10 Commandments

Whether you are teaching kids the 10 Commandments or want to learn them yourself, we have put together some resources that help you to easily learn the 10 Commandments.  First here is the list:

  1. Love God more than anything else
  2. Do not make anything in your life more important than GodEasily learn 10 commandments
  3. Always say God’s name with love and respect
  4. Honor the Lord by keeping the seventh day holy
  5. Honor your father and mother
  6. Do not murder
  7. Do not commit adultery
  8. Do not steal
  9. Do not lie
  10. Do not crave things that belong to someone else

Michelle at My blessed home posted a fun way to learn the 10 Commandments using 10 fingers.  Each finger represents one of the 10 Commandments.

Ministry to Children created a Sunday School lesson on the 10 commandments.  If you are teaching Sunday School this free lesson is worth checking out.

I found several good video’s on YouTube by searching “teaching children 10 Commandments.”  This is one of my favorite ones.

At Memory Cross helping children Memorize Bible verses, including the 10 Commandments is very important.  Rick Warren on his blog in 2012 said this about Memorizing Scripture:

  • One of the most powerful ways you can transform your spiritual life is to learn to memorize Scripture. The Bible says in Proverbs 7:2, “Guard my words as your most precious possession. Write them down and also keep them deep within your heart” (TLB).
  • It’s the number one tool for resisting temptation. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, his only defense against this attack was the Word of God. If Jesus knew a better way to fight temptation, believe me, he would have used it.
  • It helps you make wise decisions. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked God for guidance about something very specific, and he has brought a Scripture I’ve memorized back to mind, showing me what to do. The Bible says, “Your word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105 GNB). The more you know what God says, the more you are going to know how God thinks, because the will of God is found in the Word of God. The more you fill your mind with the Word of God, the more you will know the will of God.
  • It strengthens you when you’re under stress. We all get stressed from time to time. And the Bible says this, “Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope. Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles” (Psalm 119:49-50 NLT). If you will memorize Scripture, your stress level will decrease dramatically and your confidence level will increase dramatically.
  • It comforts you when you’re sad. The Bible is full of comfort. Jeremiah said, “Your words are my joy and my heart’s delight” (Jeremiah 15:16b GWT). I can’t tell you how many times I have been down and read Scripture, and it gave me great comfort.
  • It helps you witness to unbelievers. 1 Peter 3:15 says, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” (NIV). If someone asks you what the Bible says about an issue or what they should do in a situation, what do you tell them? If you have Scripture memorized, it’ll help you be far more effective in sharing because you can share the truth of God’s Word.

How Memory Cross can help you teach children the 10 Commandments

We have developed a fun, creative origami card that makes learning the 10 Commandments easy.  We break the Commandments down into small sections, making it easier to memorize.  Here is a video that shows how it works.  If you are reading this on RSS here is the link to the video.

Teaching children the 10 Commandments is very important.  I hope these ideas will help your kids easily learn the 10 Commandments.   If you would like to order our Memory Cross 10 Commandments cards I’ve put links below.



Christian stickers

Christian Stickers – lowest price on the internet – Buy 2 get 1 Free.

Did you know Memory Cross carries Christian stickers at prices 50% to 75% off retail.  Many of them are Faith that Sticks by Standard Publishing but we also carry a number of others as well.  I’ve searched the internet and it appears we have the cheapest price on Christian stickers anywhere.  We can sell them so cheap because we purchased a eight skids at close out but now we need to move them out.

Christian stickers make a great resource for home or church and at these prices you’ll be able to stock up.  Visit our store to see the entire list.  Some of the stickers we currently have in stock are:

  • Star stickers.  There are 364 fold foil star stickers per sheet and each pack has 10 sheets.
  • Autumn Smiles by Standard Publishing.  Part of the Faith that Sticks series.Christian Stickers
  • Berries and Blessings by Standard Publishing.
  • Children’s Bible Micro Minis by Standard Publishing
  • Smile Face Award stickers by Standard Publishing
  • Angel Miniature stickers by Standard Publishing
  • Christian Symbols by Standard Publishing
  • Miniature Crosses stickers by Standard Publishing
  • Faith that Sticks embossed God loves you stickers
  • Faith that Sticks Friendship stickers by Standard Publishing
  • Faith that Sticks Lighthouse stickers
  • Faith that Sticks mini turkeys
  • Miniature Ichthus stickers by Standard Publishing
  • Faith that Sticks Scroll Mottos
  • The Lord is my shepherd stickers
  • Farmyard friends stickers
  • Fun Bible Mottos stickers
  • God is Good stickers
  • God loves kids stickers
  • God cares stickers by Standard Publishing
  • God’s garden stickers
  • Happy feet stickers
  • Happy hearts stickers
  • Harvest cart stickers
  • Heartfelt thoughts stickers
  • Inspirational message stickers
  • Jesus loves us stickers
  • Jesus our savior stickers
  • Plus many more

At most sites they are selling for $1.99 to $2.41.  Memory Cross has them at an everyday price of $1.41 plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  Buy 2 and get 1 free.  (Add all three to your shopping cart).  While you are there check out our other really creative ways to share the Gospel with your children.


Childrens Easter Tracts

Children’s Easter Tracts – Teaching kids what Easter is all about

Memory Cross has created children’s Easter tracts that help kids understand what Easter is all about.   It is a simple child friendly tract with a bunny on the front and asks children “do you know what Easter is all about?”  The following panels go onto explain that Easter is about Jesus, dying on the cross and being raised from the dead, and invites children to come into a relationship with Jesus.  There is a link and phone number to Need Him, which is an organization that helps people start a relationship with Jesus.

Children's Easter Tracts

We designed this children’s Easter tract to hand out during Easter Egg hunts and other outreach events during the Easter season.  Kids and parents love the interactive design which keeps them involved with the tract and almost always insures that kids will keep this tract and play with it over and over again.  I’ve put the images of each panel below as well as included a video so you can see how the card folds.  If you are reading this blog by RSS feed here is the link to the video.

Easter is  a busy time at  most churches with new visitors coming in for Easter services, Easter Egg hunts and other services.  Easter Egg hunts especially can draw in a lot of kids and we designed this Easter tract for kids to help them understand why we celebrate Easter and what Jesus has done for them.   Jesus has called us to a new and amazing life and has commanded us to go into all the world and tell others about what he has done.  This tract is one simple way to do that.


If you live in the United States and would like a free sample of this amazing little card, just give us your name and address in the sidebar and we’ll get one out to you in a couple days.  There is absolutely no cost or obligation.  We even pay for shipping.  We think this is one of the most creative ways to share the Gospel and we think you’ll agree once you get one in your hands.  If you live outside the United States we’ll send the cards for free but we ask that you pay for shipping.  Here is the link to order if you live outside the U.S.A.

If you would like more information on this Children’s Easter Tract, click here.


Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – How to teach children what Easter is all about

Are you looking for some Easter Egg hunt ideas that will help children understand what Easter is all about?  Here are a few ideas that we wanted to share.

  • Include a Scripture about Easter in each egg along with the candy.   Make sure to have a number of different verses so the kids don’t get all Easter Egg Hunt Ideasthe same verse.  Just copy the verses onto a piece of copy paper and cut them down.
  • Have a craft area where children make crafts that help them learn the Easter Story.
  • Show a video about Easter.  There are several excellent ones on YouTube.  We included our favorite one below.
  • Have a question and answer time.  Questions such as what is Easter all about?  Who was Jesus?  Why did he come?  Why did he die?  Why do we celebrate Easter?  etc.  It will help children focus on the fact that Easter is more than candy, getting new clothes and coming to church all dressed up.
  • Give the kids an Easter tract to take home.
  • Craft ideas from Danielle’s Place.  Lots of really creative ideas.  Carolyn always comes up with some great ideas.

Here are some additional resources.


To download this video to your computer for offline viewing:  You can download most YouTube videos to your computer by putting “ss” in front of YouTube.  Here are some other resources.

Memory Cross has created a number of Easter tracts and craft cards that tell the Easter Story in a fun and creative way.  The video below shows how it folds.  Visit our store if you would like to find out more and if you live in the United States and want to receive a free sample give us your name and address in the sidebar.

If you have any other ideas for Easter Egg Hunts let us know in the comment section below.  If you are reading this by RSS feed here is the link to the video.


Christian Easter Crafts

Christian Easter Crafts – Stories that teach children what Easter is all about

Memory Cross has created a number of Christian Easter crafts that help children understand what Easter is really all about.  Each Easter tract is designed incorporating our unique four panel design that never stops folding. I included a video below so that you can see how it works.

The design was created by Pastor Andy Lambert, who is a Methodist Pastor in the United Methodist Church.  Realizing that children learn best when they not only read a story but interact with it also,  he set out to develop something that was creative and that involved children in learning through multiple senses.  The Easter Craft cards tell a story while allowing children to color the cards as well as fold them over and over again.  Another advantage is that children will be much more likely to take the cards home and flip through them, which helps children learn the Bible story.

Churches use the cards for Sunday School, in children’s church and during Easter Egg hunts.  Many have also been taken on mission trips.  The cards that we have developed for Easter include:

  • The Easter Memory Cross coloring card which is designed for younger children.  It starts with Palm Sunday and contains images and a short story of the last week of Christ including his resurrection.
  • Easter Story – God’s Plan of Salvation.  Starting in Genesis this card teaches children God’s plan of salvation ending with Easter.  It was designed for children ages 5 through 12.  The story starts with Adam and Eve.  They lived in perfect harmony with God and each other, but they decided to follow Satan and sin entered the world.  For thousands of years man was separated from God, but God never forgot man sending his prophets.  At the right time he sent his Son, Jesus, born of the virgin Mary.  He came to teach people how to love and to die as a sin offering for our sins.  God raised him from the dead and he now sits next to God.  His love for us bridged the gap between God and man.  We now can have a restored relationship with God through Jesus.
  • Holy Week - covers the events that went on during the last week of Jesus’ life on earth including communion.
  • The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  This card helps children understand the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • The road to Emmaus.  This card teaches children the story of Jesus after his resurrection.  His visits to Mary, the apostles and his followers.
  • Do you know what Easter is all about Easter Tract.  This colorful tract helps children understand that Easter is more than hunting for Easter eggs, that Easter is about new life.  Jesus came and died on the cross so that we cold have eternal life.  Many churches hand this tract out during Easter Egg Hunts.  It is colorful and tells the Easter story in a way children can relate to.

Christian Easter Crafts

Several of the tracts are available in English and Spanish.  All of them teach children about God in a fun and creative way.  If you live in the United States and would like to receive a free sample pack, put your name and address in the box in the sidebar.  If you like outside the United States, click this link.

It is our prayer that the Memory Cross Christian Easter crafts will help you share the Gospel with your children in a fun and creative way.


Easter Tracts for Kids

Easter Tracts for Kids – Creative ways to share the Gospel.

Memory Cross has created a number of Easter Tracts for kids.  Each tract uses an origami design that never stops folding.  The design is so unique that it captivates children as well as adults.  Because they are so fascinated with the cards they’ll play with them over and over again, learning the Easter story.

If you have not seen how our Easter tracts for kids works I’ve put a video below.

New Tract for Children – Easter Story God’s Plan of Salvation.

Easter Tracts for Kids

This year we have developed a new Easter Tract for children.  The story starts with Adam and Eve.  Out of all mankind they had a unique relationship with God.  When God created them they were perfect and had a perfect relationship with God and each other.  There were no barriers.  God knew them and they knew God.  There were also no barriers between Adam and Eve.  Their relationship was perfect.

Unfortunately for the rest of us this perfect relationship did not last long because Adam and Eve choose to listen to Satan, played by the serpent, and sin entered the world.  For thousands of years the relationship between God and man was broken, but God never forgot about man.  During this time he sent Prophets such as Moses, Elijah, Noah and Jeremiah.  They reminded man that God was not finished.  He had an awesome plan for our lives that would be completed when his son was sent as a Baby to Joseph and Mary.

Jesus came to show us how to live and to bridge the gap between God and man by dying on the cross for the forgiveness of sin.  The story does not end there because God raised Jesus from the dead and he now sits next to God his father.  Anyone who believes in Jesus shall not parish but have eternal life.

This is the story of our new Gospel Tract.  It was designed in black and white so children can color on the the cards.  This was the first time we used a site called to have the artwork created.  We connected with a very talented artist in India who is using his talents to serve God.  I’ve gotten to know him personally.  It is amazing how technology has allowed us to connect to other Christians across the world.

Memory Cross has other outreach tracts for Easter including:  The Easter Story coloring card which starts with Palm Sunday, Holy week which includes the last supper, the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, The Easter Memory Cross tract which says do you know what Easter is all about, and the road to Emmaus.  Several of the tracts are available in English and Spanish.  To find out more visitor our Easter page.

As always if you would like a free sample give us your name and address in the sidebar and we’ll get one out to you.  If you live in the United States it is free including shipping.  Outside of the United States we ask that you pay for shipping and you will need to click this link.



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